Anand Lanka

I am a former world Kung Fu (WingChun) Champion and qualified instructor having trained in China, and choreographed the fights in Payment Due.
I also facilitate drama and sporting based community projects through Meladrama CIC, and am currently working on a devised piece of verbatim theatre in which I play a women’s self-defense tutor – we hope to secure ACE funding in late 2018.

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Summer Shots

Acting for TV Summer School for 13-17 years Meladrama Acting School and Agency and Elerby Studio’s are offering 12 teenagers a unique opportunity to gain valuable ‘on set’...

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2018 – What a year!

This year is one of those that I will remember - for all the right reasons! I don't know where to start really - I know it's been busy as I haven't blogged, I have barely had time...

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