11 September 2015

My first week as a Meladrama apprentice

University, the next stage  after college to ‘do well in life’. All of my friends are heading off too uni now, packing for the next chapter in their life. I’m not doing any packing, not because I’m unorganised or lazy… it’s just not for me. I made that decision after looking around and thinking about moving away from home and everything I knew and decided university is not the path I want to follow. That left me confused because  if you’re not going to university your life is over and you can’t get a ‘good’ job without a degree right?

Wrong, I’ve been attending Meladrama acting school for over 10 years, and more recently have helped teaching acting for Mel because I find it easy and I enjoy doing it. I love seeing the little ones (and big ones) grow in  confidence, and perform and enjoy it.  It’s so rewarding. So why not do something I enjoy, I mentioned to Mel about being her apprentice, needless to say she was thrilled with the idea “someone helping me do all the work… what could go wrong with that!”

I’m guessing that’s what she thought… well it’s day 2 and I’ have  already spilt 2 cups of coffee on her!

Level 3 teaching assistant is the qualification I am studying towards. I do 30 hours a week with Mel split between teaching and of course the office work (which is a LOT more than you think – now I know why Mel sometimes doesn’t text back straight away) and I go to Bolton college once a month for an 8 hour day, I’m not sure what to expect from that lesson but I’m sure I’ll keep you all informed once I’ve been. I am excited about the prospects this apprenticeship can offer me. Mel has known me from being 7 years old, and has watched me grow into the person I am today and is now paying me to work for her (she must be mad). The experience I have had with teaching has been fulfilling and strange… yes strange because I would never have imagined myself being a teacher. In fact if someone would have told me what I would be doing now a few years ago I would have laughed and said no way, not understanding how much I would enjoy teaching.  Mel has told me she is really excited to have me on board. She listens to what young people say and think and has already asked my advice about stuff. It means a lot that she is letting me help her make important decisions about stuff.

I’ve already found things I am better at than not with teaching, for example they way  I explain things is sometimes more complicated than it needs to be. You know when you tell a story and you say “yeah well it makes sense in my head”, I need to figure out how to make it sense in everyone’s head. This apprenticeship is going to challenge me as a teacher but also teach me learn new things about running a succesful small business and all that comes with that, social media and also Mel is really going to push me as a professional actor as well,  She thinks it is really important that not only do I qualify but that I am a working so that students and parents know I understand the business. Most of all people and I am looking forward to that. So when you come to a Meladrama class and I’m scrambling through the register to try and find your name… you’ll have to bear with me because I’m still learning and shaping myself into the best teacher I can be, with the help of Mel and all of the pupils that come to her lessons.

So if anyone is worried about university or life after college/high school there are so many more options out there for you if you look yourself. You don’t have to follow the path everyone else is following and you can do something you enjoy doing. I’m a prime example, I didn’t think this is what I would be doing but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And I’m awfully sorry if this blogpost is rubbish but as I said I’m learning and this is my first one!